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CDA Institute (the US) the Round-Table Conference in Fort Worth!

CDA Institute members have held a round-table conference and discussion in Fort Worth, the US a few days ago, during which 5 experts have shared their own teachings and applications of data analysis, and emphatically discussed how CDA Institute should do to improve its level and effects, to broaden influence and enter international market.


We were privileged to have invited well-known professors from universities of the US, Taiwan and Hong Kong to attend the conference: Dr. J. Leon Zhao, head of the Department of Information Systems at City University of Hong Kong; Professor Liang Huigang from the University of North Carolina; Lin Zhangxi from Texas Tech University; Zhu Bin from Oregon State University; and Liang Ting-Peng from the National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. All of these experts have been engaged in data analysis in their respective universities, and have their own insights and achievements in the industry.


At first, Professor Lin Zhangxi shared his experiences regarding “the internet financial credit system in the age of big data”, and then put forward his own profound opinions towards the CDA professional training development driven by the age of big data.

During his doctoral program in the United States, Lin Zhangxi was majoring in e-commerce. And now he is dedicated in the research of internet finance. What should we do to succeed in e-commerce? Lin raised three levels: Elitists, high-level professionals, and a multitude of talented personnel who process data. “Some refer to those of the third level as ‘migrant data workers’”. As for how CDA Institute enters international market, Professor Lin Zhangxi suggested to set up focus group under the affiliation of Association for Information System for professional data analysis. CDA Institute shall commit itself in building a communication circle of data analysis while keeping the development of courses and certification, as an effort to strengthen its brand power.

During the conference, all CDA members shared their teachings and applications of data analysis and emphatically discussed about CDA Institute setting up a professional data analysis team, including details like activities, modes, participants and budget every year.

In the end, some professors went to the sports room and had a little Ping-Pong friendly. Zhu Bin said jokingly, “I learned a lot from them. Time of joy is always short, and I hope CDA Institute may hold more offline activities like this in the future.”